Partner Opportunities

Are you currently a partner in a law firm and considering making a move? Do you have a portable book of business and/or other lawyers you would like to bring with you? Are you interested in going in-house?

You’ve come to the right place. We have vast experience helping partners make career changes. We understand that your questions are highly confidential. We know that your move will impact more than just you. Your clients are critical to your success, and we know the importance of protecting those relationships and relationships in the community.

If you are a partner looking to join another law firm, we will help you evaluate the opportunities and target firms that best serve your clients. We will use our experience to maximize your earning potential and focus on firms that are compatible with your billing rates. We will analyze and critically scrutinize the myriad of options and confidentially assist you and your clients in finding a new home.

If your practice group or department is considering leaving its current law firm, we will help the group assess all the options, determine the best fit and streamline the process. We will make sure the group considers potential merger partners as well as lateral firm options. We will work hard to ensure that the needs of all the members of the group are satisfied.

If you are interested in going in-house, get on our radar. When that key position comes up, the first place we look is in our records. If we know you are receptive to considering an in-house opportunity, we will contact you first.

We work with public and private corporations across the country and have transitioned hundreds of attorneys into a wide range of new roles, including general counsel and first in-house counsel positions. In-house opportunities are often not advertised, and most of our corporate clients rely on us to seek out and selectively recruit the best candidates.

If you are considering a relocation and/or moving your practice to another city, we can help.

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