For over twenty-five years some of the nation’s largest corporations and law firms have placed their trust in McAnney ♦ Esposito. Why?

The answer is simple: we get the job done and we do it well.

McAnney ♦ Esposito brings a wealth of resources, knowledge and industry experience to every search. We make it our business to know and understand your business. We excel at making the right match and strive to place outstanding lawyers who will grow and add value.

We are experienced in all facets of recruiting and have a solid track record of success:

General Counsel and In-House Counsel Recruiting

For over two decades, public and private companies nationwide have relied on McAnney ♦ Esposito to place attorneys at all levels, General Counsel through first in-house counsel and every position in between. McAnney ♦ Esposito has the experience, industry knowledge and recruiting resources to identify and recruit high-level talent.

We work closely with company management, General Counsels and human resource departments to bring the right candidates to the organization. As an experienced and specialized recruiter, McAnney ♦ Esposito has the ability to target and evaluate the best candidates and the credibility to successfully recruit outstanding talent.

Law Firm Recruiting

Partner Recruitment: Partner recruiting requires specialized skills and an understanding of the business of law. McAnney ♦ Esposito has a wealth of experience moving high-level partners and their practices.

Associate Recruitment: McAnney ♦ Esposito understands what makes a successful associate, and we recruit and place the best associates at all levels and in all areas of practice.

Law Firm Expansion, Merger and New Market Entry: McAnney ♦ Esposito has opened branch offices and negotiated large-scale mergers for major law firms.

Keys to Our Success

All of our recruiters are former practicing attorneys. Every recruiter at McAnney ♦ Esposito had a successful legal practice at a premier law firm or national corporation before becoming a recruiter. We understand the practice of law and the vast variety of legal specialties. We understand what makes a lawyer successful, and what does not. We get it.

We find candidates who are so successful in their current positions, they have no interest in responding to advertisements. Locating outstanding candidates demands unusual recruiting skills, an intimate up-to-date knowledge of the legal community and a good deal of work, but this is our job and we do it well.

We screen out marginal candidates by personally interviewing each prospective candidate. It is no secret that for every exceptional candidate, there are fifty who should be given no further consideration. You can depend on us to save you valuable time. Through sensitivity to nuances of legal education and employment history, and an understanding of the importance of the right “cultural fit,” we exercise professional judgment, refined by years of practicing law and recruiting for the most demanding law firms and corporate legal departments.

We will not flood you with paper. Whereas some search firms seem to measure their worth by the number of resumes deposited on your desk, we believe our strength lies in precisely the opposite approach. We present only those candidates who meet your requirements and who are compatible with the company’s culture.

Our searches are confidential. Perhaps you do not want the community at large to be aware of your hiring needs or expansion plans. Maybe you would like to replace a lost specialty with a minimum of publicity or your ideal candidate cannot be approached directly. McAnney ♦ Esposito is a reliable solution.

We do our homework and follow through. Closing the deal is just as important as finding the right candidate. We assist at every stage by coordinating interviews, briefing and debriefing candidates, negotiating salary requirements, educating candidates about company culture and business objectives and facilitating the exchange of information to ensure acceptance before an offer is even extended.

We have bench strength, relationships and resources. McAnney ♦ Esposito has built a database over the last twenty-five years that tracks the careers of thousands of lawyers nationwide. As former practicing lawyers and seasoned legal recruiters, the members of McAnney ♦ Esposito have built relationships nationwide and an infrastructure of contacts and consultants available to assist the specialized needs of any search.

We will work either on a contingent or retained basis – whatever suits your needs best. We strive to structure a business relationship that will achieve your business objectives and enhance our working relationship.