In-house Opportunities

If you are looking to go in-house, we can help.  We work with public and private corporations across the country and have transitioned hundreds of attorneys into a wide range of new roles, including general counsel and first in-house counsel positions.  In-house opportunities are often not advertised, and most of our corporate clients rely on us to seek out and selectively recruit the best candidates.

We work with corporations in all industries and have placed attorneys in a vast array of specialty areas.  Our clients range from Fortune 50 corporations to start-up companies with fewer than 50 employees.  We work with financial institutions, family-owned corporations, specialty chemical companies and everything in between.

We have helped attorneys land a myriad of positions, including general counsel, associate general counsel, corporate counsel, compliance counsel, chief patent counsel, regulatory counsel, patent attorney and many other roles, as well as business positions where legal training is helpful and/or necessary.

Our objective is to make the right match, both for you and the employer. In order to achieve that objective, we partner closely with our corporate clients to gain a clear understanding of their needs, discussing in detail the specifics of the position, reporting structure, culture, characteristics and experience profile of the ideal candidate.

We then guide you through each and every step of the interview process, discussing not only the people with whom you will be meeting but the specific questions you will be asked and how to answer.  We make sure that you go into each and every interview fully prepared.  Once the interview process is complete, we seek feedback and communicate with you about the outcome and any areas that may need improvement going forward. We don’t give up on you, or the position, until everyone’s needs are met.

We strive to meet your goals, as well as the goals of our clients, to achieve a successful outcome.

For more information, please contact us. All inquiries are held in the strictest confidence.