Our professional recruiters, all of whom are former practicing attorneys, have the experience to help you find a new position.  Your next move should not just be to a new position, it should be to the right position, one that leads to professional advancement and personal satisfaction.

If you are an associate looking to join a new law firm, we will help you target firms that provide the right atmosphere as well as the opportunity to grow.  We always provide a candid perspective on how to achieve your goals.

We handle everything confidentially.  If you are interested in knowing what’s out there but are not sure whether to leave your current position, we are happy to discuss the options.  Everything we discuss is confidential, and we take every step to protect your privacy.  We never leave identifying information with a secretary and always use the contact information and communication method you specify as preferred and confidential.

If you are a new graduate, we are happy to accept your resume.  Due to the nature of the legal recruiting business, we are typically retained to find experienced attorneys, but from time to time we hear of positions for new graduates.  If we can help, we will.

As an executive search firm, all of our work is strictly confidential.  Neither your name, nor any information about you, will be released to anyone without your specific permission.  Contact us if you would like to discuss a particular job search or the market in general.